Meaning and pronunciation of 机

Simplified character
Traditional character


  • machine
  • engine
  • opportunity
  • intention
  • aircraft
  • pivot
  • crucial point
  • flexible (quick-witted)
  • organic
  • CL:臺|台[tai2]

HSK levels


  • (mù): tree
  • (jǐ): table

Characters with the same pronunciation

  • : to hit; to strike; to break; Taiwan pr. [ji2];
  • : rubbish; shaking; danger; see 垃圾[la1 ji1]; Taiwan pr. [le4];
  • : base; foundation; basic; radical (chemistry);
  • : to arouse; to incite; to excite; to stimulate; sharp; fierce; violent;
  • : to amass; to accumulate; to store; measured quantity (such as area of volume); product (the result of multiplication); to integrate (math.); to solve (or integrate) an ordinary differential equation (math.); old; long-standing;
  • : to spin (hemp etc); merit; accomplishment; grade
  • : to seize; to arrest
  • : flesh; muscle;
  • : to ridicule;
  • : footprint; mark; trace; vestige; sign; indication; Taiwan pr. [ji1];
  • : hungry;
  • : chicken; fowl; CL:隻|只[zhi1]; (slang) prostitute;

Sentences examples with 机

  • 我明天坐飞机去北京。
    Wǒ míngtiān zuò fēijī qù běijīng.
  • 在机场等飞机。
    Zài jīchǎng děng fēijī.
  • 手机两千圆。
    Shǒujī liǎng qiān yuán.
  • 我是坐飞机来中国的。
    Wǒ shì zuò fēijī lái zhōngguó de.
  • 我坐飞机去北京。
    Wǒ zuò fēijī qù běijīng.

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