Meaning and pronunciation of 点

Simplified character
Traditional character



  • point
  • dot
  • drop
  • speck
  • o'clock
  • point (in space or time)
  • to draw a dot
  • to check on a list
  • to choose
  • to order (food in a restaurant)
  • to touch briefly
  • to hint
  • to light
  • to ignite
  • to pour a liquid drop by drop
  • (old) one fifth of a two-hour watch 更[geng1]
  • dot stroke in Chinese characters
  • classifier for items

HSK levels


  • (bo): divination
  • (kǒu): mouth
  • (biāo): fire, legs

Characters with the same pronunciation

  • : standard work of scholarship; canon; law; literary quotation or allusion; ceremony; to be in charge of; to mortgage or pawn;

Sentences examples with 点

  • 他吃一点。
    Tā chī yīdiǎn.
  • 现在几点了?
    Xiànzài jǐ diǎnle?
  • 我去超市买点儿菜。
    Wǒ qù chāoshì mǎidiǎn er cài.
  • 请吃点儿米饭。
    Qǐng chī diǎn er mǐfàn.
  • 家里没吃的了,我们去买点儿吧。
    Jiālǐ méi chī dele, wǒmen qù mǎidiǎn er ba.

Words containing 点, by HSK level

HSK 1 vocabulary list

  • (diǎn): a little; a bit; drop (of liquid); stain; spot; speck; jot; dot stroke (in Chinese characters); decimal point; point; mark (of degree or level); a place (with certain characteristics); iron bell; o’clock; some; (point) unit of measurement for type; to touch on briefly; to make clear; to light; to ignite; to kindle; period of time at night (24 minutes) (old); a drip; to dibble; classifier for small indeterminate quantities
  • 一点儿 (yī diǎn er): a little (bit)

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