Meaning and pronunciation of 谢

Simplified character
Traditional character



  • to thank
  • to apologize
  • to wither (of flowers, leaves etc)
  • to decline

HSK levels


  • (yán): speech
  • (shēn): body
  • (cùn): thumb

Characters with the same pronunciation

  • : to unload; to unhitch; to remove or strip; to get rid of;
  • : bits; fragments; crumbs; filings; trifling; trivial; to condescend to;
  • : appliance; tool; weapon; shackles; also pr. [jie4];
  • : to leak (of water or gas); to drip; to drain; to discharge; to leak out; to divulge (secrets); to give vent (to anger, spite etc); to disperse; to reduce;
  • : to flow out swiftly; to flood; a torrent; diarrhea; laxative;

Sentences examples with 谢

  • 谢谢!不客气!
    A: Xièxiè! B: Bùkèqì!
  • 甲:谢谢你!乙:不客气。
    Jiǎ: Xièxiè nǐ! Yǐ: Bù kèqì.
  • 甲:谢谢你。乙:不客气!
    Jiǎ: Xièxiè nǐ. Yǐ: Bù kèqì!
  • 谢谢你的关心,我的身体好多了。
    Xièxiè nǐ de guānxīn, wǒ de shēntǐ hǎoduōle.
  • 谢谢你指出了我的错误。
    Xièxiè nǐ zhǐchūle wǒ de cuòwù.

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