Chinese characters for HSK 1 to 4

1,064 characters to know for the required 1,200 words

Preparing for HSK between 1 to 4? This is an ideal path because the HSK 4 is the level which will testify for your ability to have a flawless conversation, meaning fluency is getting closer. But to succeed with HSK 4, there is a total of 1,200 words to know. And to know these words, you need to know the 1,064 characters that are used for.

We are happy to offer you this PDF: it shows you the characters in the same order as they appear when learning words for HSK 1 to 4. It will be a nice tool to track your progress and refresh your memory.

download the HSK Academy characters sheet for HSK 1 to 4.

Our advice to make the best use of it:

  1. Review the characters, one after the other, to be sure you know all related HSK words for a given character. It all starts from 爱 ài: love (hsk1) to 座 zuò: seat, base (hsk4) The characters lists offered by HSK Academy are displayed with various insights: audio, pinyin, translations, sentence examples and so on... We recommend you to create a "memory palace" for each character: for each of them, you can draw a card containing the hanzi, the pinyin, the main meaning, and you draw items representing or symbolizing the various words which contain the given character. Add their pinyin, but no need of adding the hanzi of other characters because you will create their dedicated cards. This is the most efficient and personal manner to quickly memorize characters, words and concepts for each given character. It does not need to be art, just make it personal and relatable and the payoff will be huge.

Example of one of our student using this method: for 子 zi, he has looked at each word from level 1 to 4 which include , and has represented the items on a image he as drawn so that he will easily remember that lion, rabbit, table, chair, chopstick, grandson, wife... all include !

  1. Practice the words: go to the study board available for each HSK level and practice what you have learnt with our flashcards and quizzes. Select the level from 1 to 6 of your targeted HSK.

  2. Tired of watching a screen? Then get our paperback version of the list of words on your local Amazon store.

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  1. keep practicing, again and again. Why not trying our HSK Graded Readers, already available for HSK 1 and 2?

  • HSK 1: "Xiaoming's Day": Graded Chinese Reader: HSK level 1 (150-word level) (Chinese-English)
  • HSK 2: "My Birthday": Graded Chinese Reader: HSK 2 (300-word level) (Chinese-English)

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We know you will make it! Have fun learning Chinese, and learn it smarter with HSK Academy.