Chinese punctuation

Essential punctuation in Mandarin with HSK levels

(Note: the HSK levels indicated below are the maximum HSK level for all the individual characters of a given word. Though the words below are not to be known as such for the HSK test, you can learn new words based on characters you already know. Click on characters to get more details)

Jùhào: period (。) (hsk 3)

dùn hào: enumeration comma (、) (hsk up to 5)

the English "A, B, and C" is usually rendered in Chinese as "A、B、C" without any word for "and", or sometimes as "A、B及C"

fēn hào: semicolon (;) (hsk up to 3)

màohào: colon (:) (hsk up to 3)

wènhào: question mark (?) (hsk up to 2)

gǎntànhào: exclamation mark (!) (hsk up to 6)


zhōngjiān diǎn: intermediate point (‧) (hsk up to 3)

used to separate characters in non-Han personal names (ex: 列奥纳多‧达‧芬奇)


shěnglüèhào: ellipse (……) (hsk up to 5)

标题 标记

biāotí biāojì: title tags (《…》, 〈…〉) (hsk 6)


Hanzi Pinyin English meaning (hsk level)
Jùhào period (。) (3)
dùn hào enumeration comma (,) (up to 5)
fēn hào semicolon (;) (up to 3)
màohào colon (:) (up to 3)
wènhào question mark (?) (up to 2)
gǎntànhào exclamation mark (!) (up to 6)
中间 zhōngjiān diǎn intermediate point (‧) (up to 3)
省略 shěnglüèhào ellipse (……) (up to 5)
标题 标记 biāotí biāojì title tags (《…》, 〈…〉) (6)