HSK and Chinese Tutor

Best online tutoring solution to learn Chinese and prepare for the HSK

Great news! Now, HSK Academy partners with TutorMing to propose you the most comprehensive tutoring solution to learn Chinese and prepare for the HSK tests.

Ready to try it now? free Chinese Classes with HSK Academy and TutorMing !

The advantages for you?

  • 1 on 1 Language Coach, for a dedicated and personal interaction.

  • ATAWAD! Any Time (24/7), Any Where (in the world), Any Device (smartphone, tablet, desktop).

  • Custom: you are unique, so just as your lessons will be.

  • HSK & Chinese language as a whole: you can either focus on preparing for a given HSK test, or work out your Chinese for any other purpose. It’s all about what you need when you need it.

  • Native speakers: your Chinese tutor is a native and is specifically trained for this kind of teaching.

  • Same tutor across time: if you are happy with him or her, you can schedule a new session next time with the same, or just change!

What’s special about HSK Academy partnering with TutorMing?

  • You will enjoy an exclusive offering: 3 Chinese classes for free to discover the richness and the flexibility of the offering.

  • HSK Academy has tried the method and guarantees its efficiency : your only risk is to improve your Chinese faster.

Well, so what’s next?

  • No commitment. You can choose to go further or not after your trial.

  • So, just give it a try: your new Chinese tutor will offer you 3 free Chinese Classes to start!