Learn Real Chinese

Practice your listening skills with real situations

Here is a collection of real life situations. A great way to practice your new acquired vocabulary, and focus on listening. If you believe you need to improve your vocabulary first, browse our best HSK Prep books.

Good morning

This lesson covers the very basics of greetings and simple conversation. Wang Ming heads out to school, bumps into some friends, finds a phone, and then finally tries to find its rightful owner.

Studying on Campus

Students talk here about their specialties and hobbies.

Making friends

Follow Wang Ming and learn the very basics of introductions, catching up with friends, talking about yourself, and even getting a cup of coffee.

A table for two

This is all about booking a table at the restaurant, and the discussion between a student and the waitress.

An evening get together

Join the party as Yang Kai and his friend throw a small get-together and Yang Kai meets an interesting new friend.

Job interview

Let the stress out and follow this job interview as you would do it!

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