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Since the inception of the new HSK test in 2010, written segments have popped up at every level from 1 to 6. Thus, it is essential to be able to read the expected vocabulary. However, though many resources are all over the place, many of them have just not caught up with the last update of the vocabulary lists which took place in 2012.

Thus, in order to be sure you have the most up-to-date version of the lists:

  • do not take a book published before 2012;
  • do not go with with books or website with words sorted by frequency and stick to resources with lists given per HSK;
  • do not get a subset of all the HSK, get it all at first to be sure that when you reach the next level, you do not need to acquire the same former lists again
  • a quick test: look for the word 饭馆 (fànguǎn) or 饭店 (fàndiàn). If your list of HSK 1 contains 饭馆 (fànguǎn), it is outdated. It should be 饭店 (fàndiàn). Both means restaurant. But the last word is the one from the last update of the official HSK lists.

As a matter of fact, HSK Academy makes its best efforts to keep its resources up-to-date, from the official HSK lists reproduced on its website for each level, to the books published. Using our website, purchasing our books, sharing about what we do is also the best way to help us in keeping these resources alive and updated. We appreciate your support!

For those interested by an up-to-date version of the HSK vocabulary lists, here are our main publications, so far available in English and French:

If your favorite store is an other one, just copy either:

  • New HSK Complete Vocabulary Lists (English)
  • Nouveau HSK Listes Complètes du Vocabulaire (French)

and search it within:

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