Survival kit

L'essentiel pour survivre en Chine

Going to China and you don't speak a single word of Chinese? Would you like to learn the core sentences?

This section contains ready-to-use sentences for daily situations, and they of course let you learn at the same time.


  • Hello/Good day

  • Goodbye

  • Thank you

  • Excuse me/I beg your pardon

  • It is (very) good/nice

  • It is beautiful

  • You are handsome

  • You are beautiful

Food / Drink

  • I am hungry

  • I am thirsty

  • I would like a coffee

  • I would like some tea

  • I would like water

  • I would like a Coca Cola

  • I do not drink alcohol

Orientation / Travel

  • I am looking for…

  • I want to go to…

  • I would like to leave

  • I would like to sleep

  • I would like a taxi

  • Where am I?

  • I am English

  • My name is…

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