About the HSK Academy

Want learn Chinese and pass the HSK tests? The HSK Academy offers you powerful resources to succeed. And it is free.

We are crafting this educational platform because we love Chinese Mandarin. It plays an increasing role on both business and cultural sides.

However, many of us invest a lot of effort to learn it, and many teachers use techniques tailored to native Chinese. More often than not, it does not pay off. Actually, most non-native could save time and energy by learning Chinese in a different way. With focus. With efficiency. With entertainment. With the resources of their own language.

The official Chinese HSK tests require to learn, level per level, the most common Chinese words. Thus, you are just right with passing the HSK tests, one after the other. Learn what matters. Become fluent in Chinese mandarin faster!

We are an international team merging various skills: Chinese and multiple languages, learning methods, engineering and IT. We love to build up this community. We do this for free because sharing our passion for Chinese is just what we love to do.

What ideas do you want to give shape to? What features do you need? Tell us, reach us, and become part of it!

This is all about the HSK Academy. And it is just the beginning.

Stay tuned!