Monsters in Chinese

Fantastic creatures and their names in Mandarin

Do you know that many monsters have a Chinese name only made of characters from the HSK ? Here’s a selection to discuss about your favorites creatures with your friends !

Click on any character to access its pronunciation and specific meaning.

  • shuǐ guǐ: Water ghosts

They are awful creatures who drag you in their water world just to replace your soul and enjoy a new body!

  • nián shòu: New Year’s beasts

With their lion shapes, these creatures pop up around Chinese New Year , but hate fire, noise and the red colour. A good reason to decorate your house accordingly with these traditional elements on time!

  • chényáng: Fire-eating goat of justice

They spread justice and can kill for it, so be sure you are on the right side before encountering them!

  • nǚ guǐ: Ghost women

These ghosts, looking like women with long black hair wearing white dresses, come back for revenge with former lovers. Let’s hope you are not one of them!

  • niú tóu, mǎ miàn: Ox-Head and Horse-Face

Guardians of the Chinese underworld who welcome new souls entering Hell before their next reincarnation.

  • 饿 è guǐ: Hungry ghosts

As their name tells it, these ghosts are very hungry and we recommend you to not be the one to feed them!

  • jiāng shī: Zombies

Facing these reanimated corpses looking for your soul, just do not make any noise as they are blind, and they may not notice you.

Wandering with their dry bodies, they are the kind of attraction none of us would want to meet at night on a museum.

A ghost who sucks blood, what else could be added to this very clear name for this fascinating occidental monster?

This is the name for any of the animated creatures that populate children’s nightmares. Or of their parents!

Do you master all these new words and characters? Let’s enjoy a break, with a song to dance about ghosts!

Happy Halloween!