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At the supermarket (level: HSK6)

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  • Wǒ yào jiézhàng.

  • I want to check out.


  • Hěn gāoxìng wèi nín fúwù.

  • Glad to serve you!


  • Zāogāo!

  • Oh my god!


  • Zěnme la?

  • What happens?

意思 ,

  • Bù hǎoyìsi, wǒ wàngle dài qiánbāo!

  • Sorry, I forgot to bring my wallet!

Little man (level: HSK3)

The man: How long is a million years?


Buddha: To me, it's a minute


The man: How long is a million RMB?


Buddha: To me, it's a fen

The man: Can I borrow a fen?

Buddha: Sure, just wait a minute

, 分钟

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